University of St. La Salle

Peer Enrichment Program

The Residents who are already more or less proficient in different skills in basic literacy as well as in dance and music are tasked to teach the others, especially the new ones with their own areas of proficiency. Spiritual Formation

  • Last December, the Residents had Advent liturgy
  • Para-liturgical, Friday Faith Sharing and scheduled Eucharistic celebrations are on-going

Livelihood Skills and Program Initiatives

The center is seriously working towards integrated farming. It is hoped that such structure of farming would be in place and full implementation by June. It is also the aim of the program that the skills learned by the Residents in their active participation in the management and development of the programs be applied in their own family life context. Reach-Out Activity

Last December, the Residents had their Caroling and Christmas reach-out at

  • The Handumanan City Jail – Women’s Facility
  • The Social Development Center (Center for Street Children)
  • The Girls’ Home and The Provincial Jail

Christmas Family Day

Last December 27, 2007, the Residents had a special day with their families at the Grade School Quadrangle of the University of St. La Salle. Out of the twenty three residents, only one had no family present during the celebration.