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Project Forth

FORTH is an Erasmus+ Capacity Building Project that intends to develop an approach to prepare primary and secondary school teachers to operate more successfully and effectively in the challenged area. It is developed in the Philippines but is meant to serve as a model for global use. The aim of FORTH is to develop a network of HE Institutions, associations and stakeholders to create a system of staff development marked by quality, motivation and support in the training of teachers in emerging challenged areas in the Philippines which can serve as a model of teachers training for other marginal areas in the world. It is based on collaboration of equal partnership harnessing each one’s expertise in teacher education to forward the narrative that teaching the least, the last, the lost of our children in challenged contexts is a privileged opportunity to be part of social transformation in the Philippines and beyond. In August of 2018, with the co-funding of The European Commission PROJECT FORTH IS BORN.


News and Article:

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Project FORTH Erasmus+ Final Dissemination in Europe - University of St. La Salle Cluster

Project FORTH Erasmus+ Final Dissemination in Bacolod City: A Celebration of a Fruitful Journey Towards Quality Education in the Emerging Challenged Areas