University of St. La Salle

This is intended for foreign student who is under 18 years old and/or taking Audit/non-credit subjects. Below are the requirements to be submitted at ASAO one (1) week after the start of class:

  • Passport
  • Certificate of Acceptance issued by the Registrar’s Office Window 4
  • P 5, 450.00 for six (6) months only as payment for SSP; tourist ACR I Card is not included in SSP fee and shall be paid by foreign student personally at Bureau of Immigration in Bacolod City


Important Reminders:

  • Special Study Permit (SSP) should be filed every six (6) months before the student reaches 18 years old as mandated by Bureau of Immigration.
  • Foreign student should not leave the country while SSP has not yet been implemented
  • Foreign student needs to update/ extend tourist visa before it expires to avoid penalties at Bureau of Immigration.
  • Foreign student, below 18 years old, who has Balikbayan (BB) visa is exempted to extend tourist visa for one (1) year only