University of St. La Salle

Through a participative process involving key sectors of the institution and representatives from the external community, the institutional research agenda for Academic Years 2014-2019 was anchored on the College Mission Statement of:

“service to the Negrense community, the nation, and humanity in general, by providing quality education, as it works to preserve and enhance all that is good in the Filipino culture, and by helping out people live a life of dignity to the fullest of her capabilities in the context of Lasallian charism of Faith and Zeal; to do everything for God and to attribute all to God.”

The six major areas of the institutional research agenda include:

  1. Food, Nutrition and Health
  2. Sustainability and the Environment
  3. Education & Learning Innovation and Technology
  4. Good Governance
  5. Business and Entrepreneurship
  6. Poverty