University of St. La Salle

The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs is responsible for the over-all development and supervision of the academic, extension, and research programs of the University.

1.  Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

2.  Asst. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

3.  Asst. Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement

  • Publication and Engagement Office
  • Social Research Ethics Review Office

4.  College of Arts and Science

5.  Yu An Log of Business and Accountancy

6.  College of Education

7.  College of Engineering and Technology

8.  College of Law

9.  College of Medicine

10.  Office of the Student Affairs

11.  University Registrar's Office

12.  Admission and Scholarships Admin Office

13.  Guidance and Evaluation Center

14.  Job Placement Office

15.  Higher Ed Learning Resource Center (formerly College Library)

16.  Instructional Media Center (formerly AVRC)

17.  Career Development Center

18.  College Engineering Laboratories

19.  College Science Laboratories

20.  Computer Center

21.  The Artists' Hub

22.  Institute for Moving Image

23.  Center for Support of Higher Education and Lifelong Learning (CSHELL)

  • Institute for Culinary Arts 
  • Support for Teaching and Learning, Research and Engagement
  • Center for Program Development / Short -term Course
  • Language Learning Program
  • Life Skills

The AVCAA coordinates with and supervises the academic heads in the planning, designing, and implementation of academic programs and the development of academic facilities to ensure that program objectives are met and are in conformity with the University Mission Statement.