University of St. La Salle

Vision Statement

To become an international leader in global education, and produce globally competent Christian graduates.                                 

Mission Statement

  • maintains a fully functional International Office that provides welcoming atmosphere and professional support for International and local students, guests and partners;
  • facilitates network building among stakeholders with an interest in supporting Faculty, Staff and Students through International Accredited Associations and Organization;
  • hosts future local and international events in partnership with various Higher Education Institutions and other government entities;
  • works with all Institutional Units in designing a curriculum that fosters global learning and infuses global perspectives that embraces diversity/multicultural education and environmental sustainability throughout the undergraduate and graduate experience;
  • supports Faculty and Staff in acquiring relevant global learning atmosphere that will ultimately impact the academic experiences they facilitate for students;
  • advocates for the transformation of the campus culture into one that celebrates global learning;
  • reaches out to international alumni and other entities to support the institutional international agenda through giving and donations;
  • establishes strong ties with the local and international community that will support the global agenda of the University.