University of St. La Salle

The Artists’ HUB is the home of the Culture and Arts Program and the Institutional Clubs of the University.  The HUB was created with the objectives to provide opportunities for the development of the creative talents of La Sallian students and expose the community to the different art forms for cultural awareness and appreciation.

The Culture and Arts Program enriches the University of St. La Salle’s vision of holistic formation by providing a responsive and collaborative platform designed to expose the college community to the different art forms for cultural awareness and appreciation. promotes cultural & artistic awareness and appreciation through performances, exhibitions, special events, art education programs; and international collaborations through cultural and artistic exchanges.

The program serves as an advisory body and supervises the ten institutional arts organizations, namely, the De La Salle Chorale, De La Salle Vivace Strings Ensemble, Jean Baptiste Dance Company, Grupo Letras y Figuras (GLYF), La Sallian Film Society, Maskara Theatre Ensemble, Musikat, Ritmo Verde Drumbeaters, Santermo Writers Group, Production Support Group and the Junior Artists HUB Presidents’ Council (JAHPC). These institutional organizations catering to the performing arts also represent the University in off-campus cultural activities.








The Artists’ HUB of USLS is a center of excellence in arts education that contributes to the  holistic formation of LaSallians by cultivating artistic expression, creative thinking, cultural awareness, and community engagement through the arts


To promote and nurture cultural and artistic awareness and appreciation through performances, exhibitions, special events and education programs.


The Artists’ HUB develops a program towards artist and audience development. The Artists’ HUB aligns its activities for utilization of the academic program of the University. The Artists’ Hub implements a sustainable business model on Culture and Arts.

Cultural Grant / Scholarships

The University provides financial assistance to talented students who are active in the performing arts group of the university namely:

  • De La Salle Chorale
  • De La Salle Musikat
  • De La Salle Ritmo Verde
  • De La Salle Vivace Strings
  • Grupo Letras y Figuras
  • Jean Baptiste Dance Company
  • La Salle Film Society
  • Maskara Theatre Ensemble
  • Production Support Group
  • Santermo Writers Guild
  • JAHPC (Junior Artists HUB Presidents Council)

Members may enjoy up to percentage discount on tuition and miscellaneous up to 21 units depending upon the evaluation and criteria set by the Cultural and Performing Arts Center Office (CAPC) and ASAO. Auditions and scholarship applications will be conducted during the first semester for AY 2023-2024.