University of St. La Salle

What is Corps d’ Elite?

The Corps d’ Elite (CDE) is an awards program under the Office for Student Affairs (OSA) which aims to formally recognize outstanding students and organizations in various fields, whose involvement created a significant impact in our Lasallian Community.

Who can be nominated?  

  • A Lasallian student who embodies the 5 C’s
  • A Lasallian student who exemplifies EXCELLENCE
  • A Lasallian student who is able to balance good academic standing and excels in his/her field of involvement, either co-curricular or extra-curricular.
  • A Lasallian student who has not undergone any academic probation or disciplinary sanctions 
  •  A Lasallian student who is active, dynamic, pro-active, creative and innovative either as a leader or as a member



  1. Cover page
  2. Profile
  3. Essay
  4. Grade Evaluation
  5. Certificate of Good Moral
  6. FORM A
  7. FORM B
  8. Appendices
  9. Mechanics
  10. Individual Awards and its description